Pacific Minerals in the New Millennium:  The Role of Marine Minerals in the Development of the Pacific Basin and Rim

The Underwater Mining Institute (UMI) invites you to its 30th international conference. The presentations for Year 2000 include topics relating to the commercial, technological, scientific, and political aspects of marine minerals development in the Pacific Basin and Rim. "You heard it first at the UMI" is an adage, introduced by UMI founder Robbie Moore, that we will uphold in the inaugural year of the new millenium. Since the last UMI in 1998 in Toronto, there are several interesting marine minerals developments to unveil.

A diverse group of professionals from at least a dozen countries has been assembled to present and discuss in depth these topics within the informal context provided by the UMI.

Honolulu, the tenth largest city in America, is very cosmopolitan and offers a mesh of modern and traditional settings, lifestyles, and attitudes. There is much here to stimulate the senses whether you are visiting for the first time or re-visiting our shores. The UMI in 2000 promises to be one of the best and most memorable.

The Underwater Mining Institute

The UMI has drawn on the expertise of researchers, industry professionals, and environmental, resource, and policy managers worldwide to provide the latest information relevant to seabed minerals. Since the first UMI was held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1970, the Institute's primary goal has remained constant-to encourage prudent and responsible development of marine mineral resources through technical presentations in venues which promote informal and free exchange. The theme varies each year, as does the location and host. Proceedings are not published nor are recordings of the sessions permitted without prior permission from the contributors. Presentations are scrutinized to ensure that the content and interactions of the UMI remain stimulating and fresh. International participation (to date by over 20 nations) is promoted and supported. This unique and multi-disciplinary approach is attributed to the Institute's founder, the late J. Robert "Robby" Moore, whose vision and contributions have laid the groundwork for the continued success of the UMI far beyond the borders of Wisconsin.

Host and Program Chair

Technical program assistance is provided by this year's UMI host Alexander Malahoff, Director of the Hawai'i Undersea Research Laboratory, University of Hawai'i and President of the International Marine Minerals Society. Charles L. Morgan of Morgan and Associates has served as UMI Program Chair since 1994.

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Ms. Karynne Chong Morgan, Conference Coordinator
Underwater Mining Institute, Hawai'i Undersea Research Laboratory
University of Hawai'i at Manoa
1000 Pope Road, MSB 303, Honolulu, HI 96822 USA

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